Meerstone expands into photography sales

Just by chance, a couple of weeks ago, we found out that there was going to be a craft market at the Halifax Piece Hall over the extended Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend. There were still stalls available for all but the Saturday and as we had been talking about trying to sell my photographs at this sort of event for some time we booked a stall. Preparations included building a new online shop, selecting, editing and printing photographs. Currently the site has just over 50 images arranged under nine categories. Two main themes are represented: low level aerial views taken using kite aerial photography and pole aerial photography, and close up / macro photography. Both giving viewers an unfamiliar view of familiar objects. My favourite type of photography.

Remembering the tricks that I learned exhibiting at trade fairs years ago I built two free standing table top display boards using some old boards that we “inherited” a while ago; each pair hinged so that they could be folded together. The photographs were placed in clear bags with a grey board backing to keep them stiff and flat. These were then attached to the boards with velcro. The boards were set up at home and were simply opened and clamped onto the market stall. Probably the quickest set up of all the stalls there, as well one of the better looking displays.

Meerstone at the Piece Hall Craft Market 3-5th June 2012
The weather was terrible on the first day with constant rain. We were one of the last to pack up but still left before 2pm. Monday was better weather and as a result there were a lot more people and we had a lot of interest, and positive comments about the photographs. Tuesday was similar with plenty of foot fall. Overall sales were disappointing, but a lot of people took cards and our website and facebook page are being visited. What was very encouraging were the comments received. People were genuinely impressed, especially when I told them how I took the aerial images. What every new venture needs is a positive response and that is certainly what we received. We are now looking for similar events, although perhaps with more of a contemporary craft focus rather than a traditional craft fair.

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