Setting up CHDK on a CANON S100 for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

This tutorial assumes that you know what CHDK is and have successfully identified your firmware version and loaded the correct CHDK build onto your cameras memory card (for the S100 see here and look out for the link to a quick step by step guide). I have also assumed that you will be able to work out how to scroll up and down the menus and select options by pressing FUNC SET. It is quite intuitive.

Different CHDK builds for this and other cameras may look slightly different but these instructions should still help you get you started.

Starting CHDK

Once you have set up your card lock it and put it back into the camera. Now switch it on by either pressing play or the on/off button. You should then see the CHDK splash screen below.

This will disappear and your camera will function normally. Press play and you will see alt at the bottom of the screen. CHDK is now running and capable of overriding the cameras settings.

IMG_6844You can ignore this shortcuts menu for now. Press the menu key on the camera to bring up main CHDK menu.



CHDK allows you to set and control many parameters and if you loose track of what you have done and want to clear the settings go to CHDK Settings and scroll down to Reset Options to Default. With such a complex set of options this can be quicker and easier than trying to find a wrong setting that is causing the camera to misbehave.


To override the camera settings select Enhanced Photo Options in the main menu

IMG_6869Set Disable Overrides to NO and then set any options that you want. Here I have only selected Override Av (i.e aperture) and set the value to 2.05 which is the maximum setting that it will allow letting maximum light get to the sensor. Your preferences may be different. With the camera set in Tv mode the speed and ISO can be set as usual without going into CHDK.

Running Scripts

Press menu to exit and then press FUNC SET to open the Script menu.

IMG_6855Select load script from file. Scroll down and select the script that you want to use. In this case I have selected INTERVAL.BAS

IMG_6856You will now see your selected script at the bottom of the screen and can set any variables. In this case the interval has been set to 2 seconds. IMG_6857Press back and then the shutter button to start the script. The script will run until you turn off the camera, or the card fills up, or the battery gives up.

This script will work for both KAP (kite aerial photography) and PAP (pole aerial photography).

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2 Responses to Setting up CHDK on a CANON S100 for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

  1. nice article, thanks! Were you able to actually take pictures? I got as far as you did but since there isn’t a firmware version of CHDK available you have to create a bootable SD card.. But this requires you to “lock” the card for it to boot in your camera.. if its locked, there isn’t any way of writting to it.. Taking the card out of the camera turns it off.. Thus requiring the boot card again.. Spent all weekend on this and am quite frustrated.. lol

    • meerstone says:

      It works fine for me. All the screen shots are from the camera once CHDK was loaded.
      If you are having problems installing have a look at this.
      If you know your firmware version and there is not a CHDK build for it you may be out of luck.

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