New Meerstone YouTube Channel

To support the Meerstone Community Archaeology Manual I have over the last 6 months or so created a number of tutorial videos on surveying and GIS, and added them to a new YouTube channel.7

meerstoneYouTubeI have had to take on all the roles that you might expect from video production. Writer, graphic artist, cameraman, soundman, editor, director, producer, and presenter. Not easy, especially as I have had a budget of zero. It has been a huge learning curve but with each one I feel that the quality has improved.

Online videos often fall into two categories: low quality (low res and poor sound), or really slick HD (think bright, loud, flashy and dynamic). I don’t have the skills, time or equipment to complete with the HD guys but I have tried to produce videos that are at a good resolution, have clear audio and that contain concise easy to understand content while also being visually interesting. I’m not going to be the next Spielberg but I think that I have hit the middle ground between the two extremes of online video content.

Look out for the use of standardised titles and credit sequences, channel idents and use of music.

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