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Mapping with Pole Aerial Photography (PAP)

I have recently carried out a series of experiments to develop a suitable and effective methodology, using pole aerial photography, to collect photographs of a measured grid marked with targets to produce a photographic mosaic suitable for transcription. The first … Continue reading

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Setting up CHDK on a CANON S100 for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

This tutorial assumes that you know what CHDK is and have successfully identified your firmware version and loaded the correct CHDK build onto your cameras memory card (for the S100 see here and look out for the link to a … Continue reading

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Meerstone expands into photography sales

Just by chance, a couple of weeks ago, we found out that there was going to be a craft market at the Halifax Piece Hall over the extended Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend. There were still stalls available for all but … Continue reading

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Extending a wired shutter release

This is primarily so that I can use my Sony α350 for pole aerial photography. I will also find it useful in other situations where the alternative option of a wireless trigger may not work. What you will need 1. A wired shutter release … Continue reading

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New camera mount for Pole Aerial Photography (PAP)

I have recently been thinking how to improve my PAP rig. So far it has been a bit of a bodge. I have taken an 8m fiberglass fishing pole bought from Aldi, taken off the top section and gaffer taped a pound shop mini camera … Continue reading

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